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Vision of founders of TD Holiday We, a group of parents, who love to travel. Ordinary “photo-session” tour package not even come close to our expectation. As a result, since beginning of 2011,we venture into travel industry and start serving as a great breakaway for we busy KL people. Gradually we expand our network in serving corporate clients in organizing Company Outing, Annual Dinner and Team Building 3-in-1. Our core belief: At work, we work hard… but at least one weekend in a month, we play hard with our love ones. Therefore we will include element of carefully-designed itinerary, games, surprise and moment in order to let our clients experience True Discovery in the trip. Want to take a rest and join us in our next trip? More Info>>>

我们热爱旅行, 但我们的要求很高;不是一般拍照就算“到此一游“。因此一群志同道合的家长在2011年初成立了正规旅游公司。每一个被挑选的的景点必须能够开拓视野及启发智慧与学问,而一面享受当地最出名的美食,一面跟新旧朋友寒暄也是我们的重点。我们精心设计每一个行程,透过游戏,感到时刻和互动来让我们的游客留下深刻的印象,发现旅游的真谛。所以你会发现我们的行程景点设计都与一般旅行配套不一样。透过报纸的报道及每次参与者的口碑,让我们可以得到更多企业的看重委以重任主办三合一的员工旅游,年度聚餐和团队培训。努力工作是美德,但偶尔跟你的最爱知己朋友和我们一起放松透透气一起欢笑,可以吗? 更多讯息>>>

Newspaper - Guang Ming 13-May-11

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